For many years, Karis has been growing and developed. Over the time, the basic mind of Karis, ‘valuing people’, was soaked, and based on that perseverance, Karis has been making continued efforts until now.
Valuing people’ is the mind of Karis that wishes to contribute to the improvement of the quality of your life and the realization of your happiness.

R&D for people

The R&D concept of Karis begins from people.
Karis is made through the curiosity and the question, appropriated for well-being area, about people’s life: happiness, health, beauty, and so on.

People-oriented quality innovation

The quality of Chairs is not the target for compromising.
Karis does not compromise on cost increase, such as rising labor costs, rising prices of raw materials and subsidiary materials, due to rising oil prices.

Affection for people

Karis’ affection for people
– The happiness of the customers and the family who use the products from Karis
– the satisfaction of the business partners who love and pay attention to the products of Karis
– he staff and the management who are realizing their dreams through Karis

The affection that Karis aims at, is for realizing the happiness of the customers and those who are related to Karis.